Dec. 6 – “Within Without” duo show with Ephameron & Aidan Koch, “Field Studies” & “Secret Voice” book release with Aidan Koch & Zack Soto

For the month of December we present “Within Without” a duo art show by Belgian artist, Ephameron and Aidan Koch. Ephameron’s work captures moments, thoughts and feelings in a combination of various techniques and materials such as collage, drawing, digital printing and screenprinting.

The art opening on Thursday, December 6th will double as a release party for Aidan Koch’s Field Studies (published by Floating World Comics) and Zack Soto’s Secret Voice. Field Studies is a series of drawings from Aidan Koch’s travels beginning in January 2012. This book collects all 90 drawings in a perfect bound volume also suitable for travel.

The Secret Voice is an epic adventure comic like no other – visually, equal parts Fort Thunder and  Eurocomic, and narratively a study of action and reaction with tongue-in-cheek character work and a troubled, unreliable narrator. Mysticism, kung fu fighting, incredible monsters, and unique world-building all come together in an action-packed and explosive comic book. Serialized weekly on the popular webcomics portal, The Secret Voice v.2 #1 collects the rollicking first year of full color updates. Creator Zack Soto will be in attendance signing copies of the new publication and exhibiting original pages of comics art.


WHO: Ephameron, Aidan Koch, Zack Soto
WHAT: “Within Without” art exhibit plus book release for “Field Studies” and “Secret Voice”
WHEN: Thursday, December 6, 6-10pm
WHERE: Floating World Comics, 400 NW Couch St.

Bio info:

Ephameron lives in Antwerp, has published work in numerous international magazines and exhibits around the world. She also curates many art projects and publications and teaches at several art colleges.

Aidan is an illustrator and artist from Portland, USA. In her poetic pencil drawings and whimsical watercolours she explores beauty, grace, and the sublime. In October 2010, Aidan released her first graphic novel, The Whale: a subtle black and white story about a woman who has just lost a loved one. Currently Aidan is working on a new novel in full color. When she isn’t, she loves to travel and make drawn observations, which she publishes and sells on her travel blog Field Studies.

Zack Soto lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and cat. He’s the publisher of Study Group Comic Books, co-editor of Study Group Magazine, and creator of Secret Voice and Ghost Attack comics.