AS ABOVE SO BELOW Limited Edition Zine

In November 2012 Ian MacEwan put out a call to artists who follow his Quenched Consciousness tumblr that they would be holding an Incal Panel Contest. The challenge was to redraw a single a panel from the masterpiece by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Moebius. This 24 page catalog reprints all of the submissions exhibited at Floating World this February.

Includes work by 20 artists: Ari Bach, A.T. Pratt, Brett Cook, Chase Van Weerdhuizen, Dave Taylor, Duncan Gist, Gil Agudin, John Thomason, Kara Frame, Kilian Eng, Luis Bañuelos “Orion”, Matt Horak, Nic Williams, Nickolej Villiger, Nicolas Delort, Ricardo García Hernanz, Ruth Knight, Sloane Leong, Spencer Hawkes, Wren McDonald

As Above So Below
24 pages, 4.75″ x 7.25″, FC


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    […] Floating World will produce digital prints from the 20 artists that participate and also publish a small catalog of the show which will is available for purchase here. […]

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