Feb. 4th – “CHOCOLATE CHEEKS” book release & art exhibit with Steven Weissman

Floating World Comics & Fantagraphics present:

“CHOCOLATE CHEEKS” book release & art exhibit with Steven Weissman

This February’s 1st Thursday, Floating World Comics is proud to present a book signing and art exhibit with one of my favorite comic creators, Steven Weissman, creator of Yikes!.

Hilarious, frightening, mysterious, adorable and utterly bleak, Chocolate Cheeks has arrived to disgust and delight comic-book readers of all ages. “Sweet” Chubby Cheeks and the Pullapart Boy (a 21st Century Frankenstein’s monster for kids) are driving each other crazy. Forced together by their dating parents, these two bitter enemies have alienated—or otherwise disposed of­—most of their social circle, leaving them with plenty of quality time for each other. They go camping, start a business, form a band, join a team, try to make some new friends (including icky new characters Crustache and Lumpy Noodle) and engage in a “holy war.” Things go from worse to worst, though, when the two boys find a cat—or is it a bird?—one hot summer day in the harrowing 51-page story “Blue Jay” (as previously serialized at Fantagraphics.com).

Steven Weissman, modern master of light tragedy, is at his most horrible with Chocolate Cheeks. Juxtaposing gag-driven, newspaper-fashioned strips that are just gross enough to delight younger readers and sophisticated enough to be appreciated by grown-ups alongside the symbolically rich extended narrative of “Blue Jay,” this is the greatest “Yikes” book yet.


WHO: Steven Weissman

WHAT: CHOCOLATE CHEEKS book release & art exhibit

WHEN: Thursday, Feb. 4th, 6-10pm

WHERE: Floating World Comics, 20 NW 5th Ave #101


Steven Knight Weissman, at various times known as “Steve,” “Ribs,” and “Weissman” (but never “Stevie Knight,” as one potential employer threatened to call him in 1987), was born in California on June 4, 1968.He’s written and drawn comics for Marvel Entertainment, Nickelodeon Magazine and, most TRIUMPHANTLY, Fantagraphics Books.He currently lives in the Los Angeles’ “Little Armenia” neighborhood with his wife, Charissa, and their son, Charles.

“Steven Weissman is the best cartoonist to explore the fantastic world of children since John Stanley (Little Lulu).” – Gilbert Hernandez

“Weissman indirectly captures childhood better than most literal representations do.” – The Onion

“Steven Weissman is a cartoonist who is so good, so funny, and so original that he doesn’t have to be serious to be taken seriously.” – Jaime Hernandez

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