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Big ups to Drew at PsiloDesign and all the local artists who are making it happen! I’ll be your dj tonight between sets and doing the dance party thing after the bands around midnight. They’re gonna have wall sized blow ups of art from the book for everyone to color. Bands start at 9pm. It […]

New Comics Day – 9/13

I almost don’t know where to begin! Imported from Japan: Frank – The Lute String. An all new Pupshaw, Frank, and Pushpaw story published by Presspop Gallery, Tokyo! Great new Jim Woodring for only $5.69. Visions of Frank DVD – 9 Japanese animators interpret the Frank comics of Jim Woodring in this astonishing 48 minute […]

SHOOTING WAR – read it online now!

“There are no civilians in Baghdad.” -Lt.-Col. Crowley Just read all 10 chapters of Anthony Lappe and Dan Goldman’s online comic, SHOOTING WAR, in one easy sitting. Takes place in our near future, 2011. There’s not much in this futuristic world that would be totally implausible. America is still occupying what’s left of Iraq, survivors […]

GLOMP 8 – The Finnish Kramer's???

Just checked the mail and was delighted to see a package from Finland! Enclosed were the two latest edtitions of GLOMP a fantastic Finnish comix anthology that was previously imported by TOP SHELF. GLOMP 8 looks to be heavily influenced by Kramer’s Ergot 4, lots of crayons and magic markers, even the paper stock looks […]

Floating World – 1st Thursday, Aug. 3rd

This month Floating World Comics presents the works of comics genius Jonathan Hill, painter Brent Wear, and animator/illustrator Edward Juan. First up is Jonathan Hill, mix tape lover, comic drawer, matter eater lad. When asked, Jonathan said he hasn’t been too busy this past year. But I checked, and that’s a lie. He’s published new […]

Lethal Laserium!

Steve Ditko. Frank Miller. Sal Buscema. P. Craig Russell. Bill Sienkiewicz. (YOUR NAME HERE). One Halloween I put silver foil Pop Tart wrappers on my hands so I would look like ROM. The costume didn’t quite work out. But now… it’s time to put those gloves back on for one more tribute to the greatest […]

THE DRAMA issue Eight!

Yum… this cover is amazing. Is this that guy… oh yeah… Josh Petherick! What’s inside? 10 full color pages or art and interview with Mr. Petherick. Oh my! What else? The toy kitchen of the 50’s, music reviews: Acid Mothers Temple vs. John Coltrane, Celtic Frost vs. Scott Walker, book reviews: Kramer’s Ergot 6, Gore… […]

GOLIATH books – Paul M Smith & Charlie White

GOLIATH books presents the work of two photographers that apply cinematic production, staging and special effects to create incredibly surreal single frame images. Paul M Smith – Photographs $44.95 Paul Smith was one of a small group of photographers in the mid 90s who embraced the creative possibilities of photography and digital technology using computer […]

Latest issue of SHERBERT magazine!

Started as an idea between two friends in Denver Colorado in the Summer of 2001 SHERBERT began with and still exists on one simple idea: to inspire and to be inspired. Each issue of SHERBERT is based on a loose theme and features emerging talent in the fields of illustration, photography, design, literature from around […]

Paper Rad DVD!!!

My favorite book this year was ‘BJ & DA DOGS’ from the Paper Rad comic/band/video collective. It’s the type of book you can turn pages with a friend and just crack up and create all sorts of new inside jokes. Now they’re releasing a dvd of similiar craziness that I’m sure will be just… pushed […]

Waiting For The Paint To Dry

Things are moving very quickly in the space. I’m painting the last surface today, bookshelves tomorrow (after a relaxing trip to the river), light fixture on Monday… and that’s it! I’ll officially be open July 1st, but I’ll probably be secretly open a few days before then. Come by and say hi. The orders are […]