America’s 10 Greatest Comic and Graphic Novel Stores

"In a small city with a relatively large number of comic stores, Floating World stands out for the sharp, cool aesthetic of its owner, Jason Leivian, who says he wants the place to have the feel of a record store."

Ten Geeky Places to Visit in Portland

"Floating World Comics is overwhelming in its selection but it’s a great place to pick up the latest issue of your favorite comics, as well as discover an entire room-full of things you may never have heard of."

Comics Shop Confidential: The Scoop on Four Stores

"Tethered to the Pearl District a half-block north of Burnside Street, Floating World is the most innovative and art-conscious of the lot."

Latest Products

Feb. 12 – Underworld: From Hoboken to Hollywood release party with Kaz

We are excited to host a release party for Kaz’s new Underworld omnibus collection – From Hoboken to Hollywood! In addition to his career as an Emmy-winning writer for animation (Cartoon Network’s Camp Lazlo, Disney’s Phineas and Ferb, and Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob Squarepants), Kaz has been unleashing his id and corrupting generations with his Harvey-nominated weekly […]

Dec. 9 – CURVEBALL release party with Jeremy Sorese

‘Automated electronic convenience is an amazing thing… I can’t remember the last time I learned to do something on my own’ Jeremy Sorese stuns in Curveball, his debut long- form graphic novel of futuristically epic proportions that juxtaposes the mechanical breakdown of the world against a compellingly quiet and human tale. Join the artist at […]