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Do the Reverse: A Journey in North Korea

Pyongyang: phantom city in a hermit nation. There’s no internet and only one channel on TV. Propaganda broadcasts from speakers all over the city and even in the most unlikely, remote locations. It’s impossible to go anywhere without seeing President Kim Jong-Il’s face at least 30 times a day. Walking backwards is a traditional form […]

Wunderground: Providence 1995-Present

“It’s happening… again.” – Giant from Twin Peaks Brian Chippendale, Fort Thunder, Olneyville We’ve heard this story before. These are our friends. Brilliant youth come together in a small town where there’s absolutely nothing to do. They get together in someone’s basement or a cheap wherehouse space and they start making art and noise. There’s […]

New Comics Day – 10/18

Yeah yeah lots of cool graphic novels, books, what have you, but let’s take a look at the floppies, the skinnies, the monthlies, shall we? The Authority #1 & Wildcats #1 by Grant Morrison – Well it’s by Grant Morrison so that means I’m buying. Almost nothing happens in the 1st Authority and the Authority […]

Manos: Live on State DVD

“A two-act play every comedy troupe in [Portland] should be forced to see.” (Joanna Droubay, Willamette Week) “A campy, fast paced show that’s definitely more fun than the original.” (Alison Hallett, Portland Mercury) Listen, this is the DVD of the Last Rites Productions live stage performance of ‘Manos: The Hands of Fate’, which was originally […]

New Comics Day – 10/4

Marjane Satrapi’s latest ‘CHICKEN WITH PLUMS’ tells the story of her great-uncle, a celebrated Iranian musician who slips into despair after his irreplacable tar is irreparably damaged. $16.95 Guy Delisle’s second graphic novel ‘SHENZHEN: A TRAVELOGUE FROM CHINA’ is filled with observations of life in a cold urban city in southern China that is sealed […]


Big ups to Drew at PsiloDesign and all the local artists who are making it happen! I’ll be your dj tonight between sets and doing the dance party thing after the bands around midnight. They’re gonna have wall sized blow ups of art from the book for everyone to color. Bands start at 9pm. It […]

New Comics Day – 9/13

I almost don’t know where to begin! Imported from Japan: Frank – The Lute String. An all new Pupshaw, Frank, and Pushpaw story published by Presspop Gallery, Tokyo! Great new Jim Woodring for only $5.69. Visions of Frank DVD – 9 Japanese animators interpret the Frank comics of Jim Woodring in this astonishing 48 minute […]

SHOOTING WAR – read it online now!

“There are no civilians in Baghdad.” -Lt.-Col. Crowley Just read all 10 chapters of Anthony Lappe and Dan Goldman’s online comic, SHOOTING WAR, in one easy sitting. Takes place in our near future, 2011. There’s not much in this futuristic world that would be totally implausible. America is still occupying what’s left of Iraq, survivors […]

GLOMP 8 – The Finnish Kramer's???

Just checked the mail and was delighted to see a package from Finland! Enclosed were the two latest edtitions of GLOMP a fantastic Finnish comix anthology that was previously imported by TOP SHELF. GLOMP 8 looks to be heavily influenced by Kramer’s Ergot 4, lots of crayons and magic markers, even the paper stock looks […]

Floating World – 1st Thursday, Aug. 3rd

This month Floating World Comics presents the works of comics genius Jonathan Hill, painter Brent Wear, and animator/illustrator Edward Juan. First up is Jonathan Hill, mix tape lover, comic drawer, matter eater lad. When asked, Jonathan said he hasn’t been too busy this past year. But I checked, and that’s a lie. He’s published new […]