Aug. 14 – SKIP release party with Molly Mendoza

In this epic tale of friendship, compassion and growth, Molly Mendoza’s stunning art and gripping storytelling immerses you in alternate worlds filled with mystical creatures and dazzling landscapes.

When Bloom is thrown from their world, and Gloopy is exiled from their own, the two youngsters find in each other a much-needed kindred spirit. But as they skip through dimensions and encounter weeping giants, alligator islands and topsy-turvy 2D worlds, they find that their greatest challenge will be facing their own fears back home.

We are excited to host a release party for Skip on August 14 at Floating World. To celebrate this event Molly is also producing an exclusive zine that will only be available at this event!

WHO: Molly Mendoza
WHAT: Skip release party and book signing
WHEN: Aug. 14, 6-8pm
WHERE: Floating World Comics, 400 NW Couch St.

Molly, since childhood, had always used art as a means to make connections with others whether it be through image or story. She continued to relate back to those childhood connections in work that developed over the course of her college education at Estrella Mountain Community College and later at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. Since then she has branched out into editorial work and her own personal art practice. Clients have included Adobe, The New York Times, Hazlitt, and The Atlantic. In her personal practice she had recently kicked off the Fresh Paint Mural Project with RACC and Open Signal with hopes for more murals in the future. However, her narrative work still remains fixated on the relationships we share with others and the emotional journeys we go on — highs and lows alike. In a lot of ways Molly still uses her art to make connections with people. She now is living in Portland, Oregon.