Sept. 29 – TRIP FANTASTIC book release party

Called a “a trippy tale of the world’s greatest stuntman” by io9, Trip Fantastic is a self-published “psychedelic action-comedy” about a young reality TV daredevil by the same name. Co-written by Seattleites Jason Baxter and Mac Hamilton, with vivid, full-color artwork by New York graphic designer Derek Charm, the story is a lurid, self-aware, globe-trotting romp, with nods to everything from New French Extremism to Baywatch Nights. Initially serialized as a free webcomic, limited print editions of the oversized issues one and two will be available at Saturday’s release party. Comics Alliance has called Trip Fantastic “One of the most dynamic, action-packed and beautifully done new webcomics of the past year,” and the Seattle Weekly referred to the drug-addled eponymous character as “a sort of futuristic, sexier Evel Kneivel who lives in a world that runs on things like antidepressant soft drinks and exclusive lists of the 600 most famous people in the world.”

WHO: Jason Baxter, Mac Hamilton and Derek Charm
WHAT: Trip Fantastic book release
WHEN: Saturday, September 29, 6-8pm
WHERE: Floating World Comics, 400 NW Couch St.

Bio information:

Derek Charm is a New York-based graphic designer, having probably designed the Wolverine shirt you are now wearing. Along with successful art shows in San Francisco and Seattle, his artwork has appeared in the Stranger, Top Shelf 2.0, Green Candy press, and an infinite number of show fliers, tee shirt designs, album art, and his own self-published comics and zines. He was featured in his very own Comics Alliance spotlight article, which you can read here. Jason Baxter is the in-house publicist for Seattle record label Hardly Art, having previously made a living reporting on music, film, and comics for publications like the Stranger, Comic Book Resources, the Weekly Volcano, and He plays in the instrumental electronic duo USF (formerly Universal Studios Florida). Mac Hamilton is his co-writer, roommate, and fellow incurable culture junkie.