Gasping Like A Chub

“This is a pamphlet-format, comic book type of comic, the kind of thing that’s 32 pages long and wilts when you leave it on the edge of a table. It’s from Floating World Comics, which is not one of the top eight or so publishers with Diamond; as such, you’ll soon be considerably less likely to see anything sharing its attributes on store shelves, barring isolated groundswells of support for particular projects or a particularly adventurous-in-terms-of-ordering shop in your area.”

Read the rest of Joe McCulloch’s CATERER write up here, it’s really good.

I like that Joe noticed how dense the issue is. The book is packed with humor that seems to chip away at your ontology. It’s so potent it almost needs to be mixed with something, like the rest of your day. I thought it would be a good idea to also present it as a serialized webcomic.

It works so well broken up like this, I realize how brilliant the issue is, that it contains all this somehow. You can read it in one intense sitting, but it’s a lot to take in, like a gnostic text. I also recommend the 100 day version. By the time the webcomic is done, that will hopefully coincide with the book showing up in Previews.

It’s ironic, just a few days after I sent my CATERER submission package to Diamond, to see if they would carry it in Previews, they made their announcement about raising sales benchmarks for indy publishers. But good reviews keep coming in. If that leads customers to ask their comic shops about it, and if those retailers then ask Diamond about it… then there’s a good chance Diamond will decide to carry it.

But you don’t have to wait months for that if you don’t want to. Order the book directly from us or ask your local comic shop to order wholesale from Last Gasp.