Some cultures believe that photos capture a part of the soul.  At the least, photos capture the light and information from an exact moment and transfer it to paper.  There’s such a surplus of information floating around people can casually find scraps of it on the ground or on the internet and add it to their collection.  Like random panels of a comic book, a larger story is implied by the discovery of these fragments.

Over 20 artists are sharing their found photo collections this February at Floating World.  We’ll display original objects and also have a 2 hour slide show of digitized images projected on to the walls during the First Thursday Opening.

AND In addition to the FOUND PHOTO exhibit and slide show next 1st Thursday Feb. 5th –

ONI PRESS will be at Floating World Comics to celebrate the anticipated release of Scott Pilgrim Vol. 5!  Soon to be the greatest comic book movie ever (sorry Watchmen) Scott Pilgrim is the greatest thing I’ve discovered since opening my store over 2 years ago.  With each new volume that comes out more and more fans discover this amazing book by Bryan O’Malley.

ONI will be here on 1st Thursday from 6-10pm with exclusive Scott Pilgrim stuff that’s not available online or in any stores – this is a rare opportunity to score Scott Pilgrim posters, buttons, color specials, shirts, stickers, and postcards!

WHO: Over 20 contributors
WHAT: Original found photos and objects.  Digitally projected slide show of hundreds of found images, playing on a loop all evening.
WHEN: Thursday, Feb. 5th, 6-10PM
WHERE: Floating World Comics
20 NW 5th Ave #101
Portland, OR 97209

Show runs through Mar. 2nd


Here is a partial list of friends and artists that have contributed to this show:
APAK, Rikki Barney, Ashley Armbruster, Sean Christensen, Jon Clark, Dale Davis, Phillip Earles, Vincent Fritz, Sarah Gottesdiener, Maureen Gubia, Aidan Koch, Amy Kuttab, Matt Lingenfelter, Ben Lloyd, Drew Marshall, Leslie Miller, Sarah Mirk, Kristen Mueller, Sarah Oleksyk, Chris Reed, Jesse Reklaw, Josh Simmons, Ilvs Strauss, Laura Wickham, Adam Zeek.