May 4 – FCBD with JFISH, Tyler Crook, Ales Kot & Robbi Rodriguez

MAster P

This Saturday May 4th is Free Comic Book Day at Floating World. In addition to all the free comics produced especially for FCBD (limit of 10 books per customer) we will also have copies of MASTER P’S THEATER, a free book that we co-published with Sparkplug, Teenage Dinosaur and Snakebomb. This issue is fantastic, and as is usual in this yearly co-publishing partnership, we have selected all local artists who have never yet appeared in a free comic:

Covers by August Lipp and Tony Remple. Stories by: John Isaacson, Amriel Simpson, Alex Chiu, Ryan Iverson, Pat Keck, Jason “JFish” Fischer.

It’s gonna be a party. From noon – 3pm we’ve invited some special guests to hang out and sign books.

JFish – Master P’s Theater, Junqueland, Burgermancer
Tyler Crook – BPRD, Petrograd
Ales Kot – Wild Children, Change, Suicide Squad
Robbi Rodriguez – Frankie Get Your Gun, Uncanny X-Force

But wait there’s more. We’ll be running our DOLLAR-FOR-DOLLAR sale all day from 11-7. Here’s how it works: for every dollar spent at the register you get a FREE dollar comic from our back issue bins. If you buy a $30 book you get 30 FREE dollar comics. If you buy two dollar comics you get two more for FREE! You’re gonna leave with a bunch of comics.