Hot Zombie Chicks Love Brains – Drink & Draw Friday, Apr. 3rd

Join us Friday April 3rd for a Drink & Draw, Live Art Show! Anthony Leano, co-writer of the horror/comedy comic book “BrAiNs”, artist Paul Allen, Mike Hampton of the comic “Hot Zombie Chicks” and artist Emonic are on a comic book tour titled “Hot Zombie Chicks Love BrAiNs Tour”. They will have the premiere issue of BrAiNs #1 and the new Hot Zombie Chicks #3 available for sale along with prints for sale. Emonic will perform a live art show from 4-7pm.

Then at 7pm Skinner will take a break from his art exhibit across the street at Upper Playground, and join us for a Drink & Draw that is open to the public. Bring your pens and PBR! I’ll throw on a crappy horror movie in the background for inspiration.

Bio Info:

Paul Allen- Artist/Writer of the horror/comedy comic book “BrAiNs”. Little is known about the mysterious Paul Allen. Some say he was kept away from sunlight as a child due to photosensitivity. Others thought something more dubious caused him to dwell in the night after a vacation to a small village in Eastern Europe 1987. An artistic side of him began to fester upon his arrival back to the States. Drawn to the darker side of things, Allen created “Brains”.

Anthony Leano- Co-Writer of the comic book “BrAiNs”. Anthony Leano is a traveler from the land beyond. He has spent his life traveling across the west coast in search of gaining king geekdom status. He believes he has found “the secret of being cool” while still maintaining his geek cred. As most geeks know, some spend their entire lives in search of this enlightenment. Having really no talent whatsoever, he surrounds himself around artists, musicians, writers & other creative people to make him appear to be one of the elite of cool. What a poser.

Mike Hampton- Artist/Writer of the comic books Hot Zombie Chicks and Captain A-Hole. Yogi AKA Captain A-Hole, Mike’s hip-hop/alternative alias, will have his newest CD ‘Zombie’ for sale along with his cult classic horror film he produced, wrote and starred in “A Killer Spoke”. Mike will also have prints, comics & t-shirts for sale and is known to draw caricatures of attendees as zombies for a small commission!

Emonic- Taking the West Coast by storm, graphic illustrator & painter Emonic has been making waves on the comic convention circuit & art gallery receptions with his high octane fueled live art shows. As a youth he was heavily influenced by skateboarding, comic books, music, movies and graphic design. When working on projects he will often employ a mix of mediums ranging from traditional means (pencil,acrylic and marker) to digital manipulation. You can catch Emonic rockin the live art at every event he’s at.

Stephen R. Buell- Colorist on “BrAiNs”. Stephen began his comics career in 2004 when he self-published the end-of-days mini-series Video, which received much critical acclaim. Anxious to give his writing chops a rest for his next project, Stephen illustrated the graphic novel Fragile Prophet, translating Jeff Davidson’s moving script about a mentally-handicapped child coping with mysterious new powers. The GN was named Best Independent Comic of 2006 by Ain’t It Cool News. He is currently working on the sci-fi thriller titled Alien Echo.