Oct. 29 – DREAM OF THE BAT release party and exhibit with Josh Simmons & Patrick Keck

This October we are pleased to host a book signing with Josh Simmons & Patrick Keck, to celebrate the release of DREAM OF THE BAT. In addition to the slipcased hardcover book published by Mansion Press, we will also have limited edition signed giclee and silkscreen prints, and t-shirts available.

Pre-order a signed copy of the book now.

In this demolition of the superheroic myth, Josh Simmons paints the portrait of a hero alienated by his own convictions and ready to use extreme and deviant means to change a society he considers perverted. If he was an example, or even a source of hope for the weak, he is now only a shadow of what he once represented and has abandoned all reason and nobility to sink into a devouring madness and depression.

A perverse character who has abandoned all morality, is the Bat still on the side of good?

WHO: Josh Simmons & Patrick Keck
WHAT: DREAM OF THE BAT release party
WHEN: Saturday Oct. 29, 5-7pm
WHERE: Floating World Comics new location at the mall, 1223 Lloyd Center

What do we find in this Dream of the Bat? 4 totally creepy, hilarious and transcendent stories which work together to create a complete graphic novel 16 years in the making!

  • Mark of the Bat by Josh Simmons  (2007 – out of print)
  • Twilight of the Bat by Josh Simmons and Patrick Keck (2017)
  • Birth of Bat by Josh Simmons (2021 – out of print)
  • Death of the Bat by Josh Simmons and Patrick Keck : A BRAND NEW EXCLUSIVE STORY!
  • Unpublished illustrations and bonuses by guest artists!