Nov. 9 – Po Mo Pulp Tour with Molly Mendoza and Neoglyphic Media

We’re excited to host this event with Bulgilhan Press and Neoglyphic Media!

Molly Mendoza will be here to celebrate the release of her new comic Stray published by Bulgilhan. Guests can also get a portrait sketched by Molly. Neoglyphic Media publisher Cullen Beckhorn will bring an exhibit of original art by Matt Lock and screenprints by Leomi Sadler. He’ll have two new publications Flow Form Speciman by Lale Westvind and BUSTED, a visual album by Seagull Invasion.

Stray follows Jack, a chaotic romantic spiraling into disaster desperately seeking comfort in others while ignoring their own destructive tendencies. While thoroughly hung up on the past, Jack meets Stray and their whole world changes. Tender and sensual, lush and palpable, Stray ushers in a new era of cartoonist Molly Mendoza’s wholehearted approach to making comics and telling stories.

Flow Form Speciman is a taxonomy of volcanic forms and machine intrusions into biomorphic landscapes created by Lale Westvind.

Visual album to accompany the release of the new Seagull Invasion record, BUSTED, collecting 48 drawings printed single-sided in three-color Risograph and perfect bound (with dust jacket) in an edition of 100 copies, co-published by Neoglyphic Media with Corner Kids. The album is available for digital download from bandcamp:

WHO: Molly Mendoza, Cullen Beckhorn, Zach Clemente
WHAT: Stray book signing, Neoglyphic Media exhibit and pop-up show
WHEN: Wednesday Nov. 9, 5-7pm
WHERE: Floating World Comics, 1223 Lloyd Center

Bulgilhan is a small press comics publisher making new and self-indulgent comics.

Neoglyphic Media is a publisher of comics, art, and visual media located in Bellingham, WA. They are dedicated to publishing and promoting work from unique and visionary artistic innovators.