July 29 – PRISM STALKER THE WEEPING STAR release party and signing with Sloane Leong

The follow up to Sloane Leong’s hit series Prism Stalker is here! Join the artist on July 29 for a book release and signing at Floating World in the Lloyd Center.

The planet Eriatarka grows more inhospitable as its colonization at the hand of the Chorus continues.

Vep and her fellow students are reaching the end of their basic combat training in the pneumatic arts and begin to exercise their abilities outside the colony-city of Elefstris. Their objective: subdue the unruly planet bent on scouring the Chorus’ presence from its surface. But what exactly are they subjugating? And what will the cost of conquering be?

WHO: Sloane Leong
WHAT: PRISM STALKER THE WEEPING STAR release party and book signing
WHEN: Saturday July 29, 5-7pm
WHERE: Floating World Comics, 1223 Lloyd Center

“A diamond-sharp look at colonization and imperialism, Sloane Leong’s PRISM STALKER faces the demons of classic science fiction head-on. In the second volume, Vep and her fellow students have learned how to manipulate the planet’s strange energy field, only to become ever more enmeshed in the campaign to seize the land and destroy its inhabitants. Who are the arbiters of sentience, and who decides which beings deserve life? How do people justify violence – even to themselves? PRISM STALKER shows with fearsome clarity and breathtaking psychedelic visuals how autocratic power holders turn subjugated people against each other. Read it and draw strength from it: it’s a story that grows more timely with each passing day.” – Bogi Takács, Hugo and Lambda award winning author and editor