March 13 – VENGEANCE IS FOR THE LIVING release party with Alex Delaney

Alex Delaney is coming to Floating World to celebrate the release of Vengeance Is For The Living.

Shelia Knox awakes from a two week coma to find her life torn apart.

Her children have been savagely murdered. Her husband is missing. Her hand completely mangled and her throat slit to within inches of her jugular… Leaving her with nothing left to live for.

So, when the men responsible for taking her and her family, come after her to try and finish the job, they unwittingly let loose an Angel of Death, hell-bent on hunting down those responsible and making them all pay.

From the creative team of Keenan Marshall Keller (writer/co-creator of The HUMANS from IMAGE Comics) and Alex Delaney (creator of The Derelict and The Other Side of Town) comes VENGEANCE Is For The LIVING; A 4 issue mini-series overflowing with gritty exploitation action about the power of anger/loss and the clearness of vision that VENGEANCE can provide.

WHO: Alex Delaney
WHAT: Vengeance Is For The Living #1 release party and signing
WHEN: Wednesday March 13, 5-7pm
WHERE: Floating World Comics, 1223 Lloyd Center

Alex is a writer & comics artist living in Portland. He is the creator of The Derelict & Other Side of Town