Nov. 5th – NEGATIVE BULGE: Art & Zines by Islands Fold

Luke Ramsey came down for the Zine Symposium this past July to represent the Islands Fold art collective that he started in Pender Island, British Columbia.  One day after the fest he was hanging out and participated in a drawing session with local artists: Blaise Larmee, Kinoko (from Seattle), Sean Christensen & Theo Ellsworth.  Little did they know, the collaborative jam session would result in a zine of ultimate greatness, Negative Bulge!  We are very pleased to present original art from the legendary jam session as well as the new zines from Islands fold.


WHO: Islands Fold, Blaise Larmee, Kinoko, Luke Ramsey, Sean Christensen & Theo Ellsworth

WHAT: Negative Bulge zine release + art exhibit

WHEN: Thursday, Nov. 5th, 6-10pm

WHERE: Floating World Comics, 20 NW 5th Ave #101


Islands Fold is an independent publisher and artist residency. An art farm that harvests collaboration and the promotion of health and well being. Located on the West Coast of Canada, artists are invited to the residency free of charge or by a donation an artist is comfortable with.  Islands Fold is self funded by it’s founders Luke Ramsey and Angela Conley, and also sustained by the public support of art and zines sold online. They are also supported by generous art donations from artists who believe in their cause.

Islands Fold publications are distributed to shops and galleries internationally. Their family of artists have been represented with Islands Fold exhibitions in Vancouver, Portland, New York and Copenhagen.  Islands Fold isn’t focused on producing a product or outlet for financial gain. Its goal is to create an experience, and offer a remedy to the term “starving artist” by feeding artists whose hunger they admire and respect.

Established on Pender Island B.C, Canada in the Spring of 2006, Luke and Ange decided to move from the city to enjoy a simple lifestyle on Pender Island. It’s easy to travel to Pender by ferry from Vancouver or Victoria. Islands Fold collaborates with artists, as well as supporting solo projects. They personally invite artists to the residency, inspired by people that aren’t always motivated by money, but are motivated by the work itself. As much as Islands Fold needs money to survive, they are about people, not profits. In a world motivated by money and greed, they want to embrace a world of sharing and peace. At Islands Fold, art is a labor of love. They want to create an environment where artists don’t have to concern themselves with daily chores, where guests can relax, make art, and eat good food. The most important thing in their home is to be comfortable, have fun and be creative.

Six new collaborative zines added to our site will also be available at the show:

Boing #3 by Andy Rementer, A J Purdy, Ben Jacques, Mike Perry, Luke Ramsey, Ron Regé Jr and Jim Stoten.

Real Space Zine and Tee by Nicholas Robins and Luke Ramsey

Negative Bulge by Blaise Larmee, Kinoko, Luke Ramsey, Sean Christensen and Theo Ellsworth

Contemporary Anarchy by Adam Zeek and Luke Ramsey

Flight Quiz by Finlay Pogue and Luke Ramsey

It’s Time To Leave by Luke Best and Luke Ramsey

Islands Fold

2204 Clam Bay Rd

Pender Island, B.C