Floating World Animation Fest v.3 – Show Cave Gallery (LA) Jan. 30th

Floating World Animation Fest makes its first Los Angeles appearance at Show Cave gallery on Saturday, Jan. 30th!  Local and lo-fi, international and extrasensory, hand drawn, stop motion, cgi and puppetry, electricity and torches.  This will be a brand new mix featuring the best of the past 3 shows, plus… you guessed it: some new shit you haven’t seen before!

Jan. 30th 9pm, $7

Show Cave Gallery

3501 Eagle Rock Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90065

Artists include Bruno Dicola, Robert Seidel, Dan Deacon, Jimmy Joe Roche, Peter Glantz, Zane Kozak, Vince Collins, Carolina Melis, Bruno 9li, Dearraindrop, Will Sweeney, Tasha Brotherton, Jen Stark, Vivian Wong, Mato Atom, Christophe Blanc, Superbrothers, Yoshi Sodeoka, Lung, David O’Reilly and Throne Boogie.