Floating World – 1st Thursday, Sept 7th

First of all, thanks to everyone who made it to last month’s show or who stopped by because they saw the Floating World posters around town. I look forward to seeing you soon as well as meeting all the other comics lovers in Portland.

A special thanks to animator/illustrator Edward Juan for painting this action packed poster for the shop. He’s got one of those cool computers at work where you can actually draw right on the flatscreen. Is good! His animation job has taken him back to California. Best of luck Edward!

This month’s featured artist is Ian Sidwell. His large, colorful paintings combine cubist and surrealist techniques with bizarre urban illustrations.

Broken citizens scrawl graffitti on impossible surfaces and backwards text suggests neon signs reflected in a city of glass. Abandoned shopping carts and broken toys mingle with possible treasures in the parking lot behind the shooting gallery.

Jonathan Hill is a rising comics star here in Portland. He continues to produce excellent work in his ‘One Of The Johns’ and ‘Brown Paper Bag’ comics. Check out his work and Floating World ad in the upcoming Portland Fun Book!

He will be on hand with new prints and illustrations as well as some other handmade arts provided by a secret special guest!

Everyone’s excited when a new comic shop opens up in Portland. This is a great opportunity to check out the shop. If you like good comics, you may just have a favorite new spot. Refreshments and festivities begin at 7pm. Comics are even better with refreshments. Oh yeah, you know what else? A really really cool book comes out this week. Number 6…