Manos: Live on State DVD

“A two-act play every comedy troupe in [Portland] should be forced to see.” (Joanna Droubay, Willamette Week)
“A campy, fast paced show that’s definitely more fun than the original.” (Alison Hallett, Portland Mercury)

Listen, this is the DVD of the Last Rites Productions live stage performance of ‘Manos: The Hands of Fate’, which was originally a terrible z-movie given second life after being featured on an episode of MST3K. Anyone who saw this theater production earlier this year can attest that the live performance outdoes all previous incarnations. Effin’ hilarious for reals.

Torgo: But master, you have six wives. Why can’t I have one for myself?
The Master: You are not one of us. Therefore you can not have one of them.

There’s not a single weak link in the cast, and Brian Koch gives a devoted, hilarious performance as Torgo, the gimpy caretaker of The Master’s creepy devil worshipping hotel (pictured above). Blitzen Trapper also does an amazing job recreating the zany soundtrack note for note for the live show.

Torgo: There is nothing to fear, madam. The Master likes you. Nothing will happen to you. He likes you.
Margaret: Likes me? I thought you said he was dead.
Torgo: Dead? No, madam. Not dead the way you know it. He is with us always. Not dead the way you know it. He is with us always.

No Manos adaptation would be complete without the bizarre hair stroking scene. I hadn’t seen the movie before the play, but I could tell the cast was bringing all of its inconceivable details to life. What’s it about? There’s no plot worth mentioning. It’s really about watching a group of talented Portland actors turn a cult favorite into an inside joke that everyone can get, a true labor of love.

The Master: Arise my wives. Give ear to the words of Manos. Arise my wives! And hear the will of Manos!

Maybe you were one of the hundreds turned away from their last few sold out performances, or maybe a roommate recommended this show to you but you decided to get stoned at home instead, or maybe you just love bad bad movies, but now you don’t have to miss out. Enjoy Manos: Live On Stage DVD in the comfort of your own home – get it right now at Floating World Comics. Only 10 bucks!