Lethal Laserium!

Steve Ditko.
Frank Miller.
Sal Buscema.
P. Craig Russell.
Bill Sienkiewicz.

One Halloween I put silver foil Pop Tart wrappers on my hands so I would look like ROM. The costume didn’t quite work out. But now… it’s time to put those gloves back on for one more tribute to the greatest comic of all time.

If you would like to join the echelon of artists listed above, please submit an illustration or work of art inspired by ROM SPACEKNIGHT which will be included in a forthcoming zine, ‘LETHAL LASERIUM’ (tentative title).

Due to licensing LIMBO, I’m sure this book will not be sold, but rather distributed freely to all contributors and ROM fans in the comics community.

Please send files or inquiries to: jason@floatingworldcomics.com