July 2 – Cold Cube Presents ‘Well At The Very Least’ by Lindsay Anne Watson & ‘Sticky Sweets’ by Ross Jackson

Join us July 2nd for a release party with Cold Cube Press and their two newest publications by local artists, Lindsay Anne Watson and Ross Jackson!

Ross Jackson’s “Sticky Sweets” is a wistful look at three kids in their early teens pulling pranks and making short movies to kill time in the height of a humid Florida summer. Equally humorous and heartfelt, Jackson employs his classic cartooning style to weave a non-linear story that examines the awkward phase between youth and adolescence. Part of a larger narrative, “Sticky Sweets” revolves around a young boy, Ari, who finds out his neighborhood friend has gone missing. To avoid confronting his emotions of loss or confusion, Ari travels with a neighbor to make short movies in the cool oasis of an air-conditioned mall. Past and present weave together through their movies and memories, as Ari and his friends establish their footing in the face of oncoming reality.

Lindsay Watson’s “Well at the Very Least” is a collection of work made over the past year. Split into three main sections, the book centers around what is lost in language between selves, be them distinct people or two (or more) parts of the same self. to quote Rich Smith in The Stranger : “Judging by all the dream logic, the doubling of selves, and the moon-eyed, moon-faced characters that dominate Watson’s collection, she seems mostly concerned with the cyclical nature of time and the multitudes we all contain.” Watson does not usually employ the typical panel diagram format of comics, and instead invites us to delve into each poem-drawing as the inhabit the whole page. Because there is no definite resolution to each of the sections, we are left to parse the dialogue and body language of these myriad selves that Watson has shown us.

WHO: Lindsay Anne Watson and Ross Jackson
WHAT: ‘Well At The Very Least’ and ‘Sticky Sweets’ release party
WHEN: Sunday July 2, 6-8pm
WHERE: Floating World Comics

“Ross Jackson is a cartoonist and teacher living in Portland, OR. His recent works include “Ha Ha! Very Funny” and “Sticky Sweets,” dark comics about the terrifying youths of suburban Florida. These comics bring you to a very scary, very funny place where laughter and fear overshadow your guilt for laughing at the terrible things that are happening. Other times they take you a place of brilliant, beautiful, absurdity that’s a fine place to stay even if it’s pretty uncomfortable. Ross Jackson is like a golden retriever with hands and those hands do Real Good Work. His work can be found at www.rossjackson.cool.” – Lindsay Watson

“Lindsay Watson is a very good and true friend of mine. She makes beautiful comics that move fluidly through the realms of the small and beautiful to the expanse of the large and awe-inspiring. Her past works include “Hunk,” in which a feral hunk embraces the wilderness to comedic and tender effect and “I Don’t Need Eyes,” which is something I would show to an alien if they asked me to explain what human partnerships feel like. Lindsay is from Florida, like me. I’ve been told that Lindsay went to art school in San Francisco and did a really good job. She does a really good job most of the time and is very inspiring. Her website is www.lindsayannewatson.space” – Ross Jackson