SEX PDX returns to Portland this September. Kicking off a multi-venue festival of film, vintage erotica, burlesque performances and music, Floating World Comics First Thursday art show features the dirty underground comics art of SLEAZY SLICE. Original and newly curated comics art from the masters of sleaze: Robin Bougie, Cody Brant, Jonathan Canady, Bald Eagles, Becca Kacanda, Hugo Nadalin, David Paleo, Putrid, SCAR studios, Josh Simmons, and an unbelievable selection of vintage porn posters courtesy of Night Fix.

Sleazy Slice poster by Josh Simmons


WHO: Robin Bougie, Cody Brant, Jonathan Canady, Jonathan Coward, Bald Eagles, Becca Kacanda, Hugo Nadalin, David Paleo, Putrid, SCAR studios, Josh Simmons
WHAT: Gallery show and opening reception
WHEN: Thursday, Sept. 4th, 6-10PM

Show runs through Oct. 2nd


Created as an answer to the question: Why aren’t there any REALLY dirty comics coming out of the self-published comix scene, Sleazy Slice came into being in 2007, and is published annually every February. Editor Robin Bougie, publisher and creator of Cinema Sewer magazine does his best to create and track down the most entertaining dirty comics he can find in the underground amongst his circle of talented pals.

“I wanted to create an old fashioned comic anthology that harkened back to the types of undergrounds published in the 70s and early 80s. Socially irredeemable stuff glefully packed of nekkidness and violence. Comics like “Feltch”, “Deviant Slice”, “Amputee Love”, and “White Whore Funnies”. Sequential art that was just unapologetically filthy, weird, and devoid of pretense or agenda. I don’t think we have enough of that now.”

But boundry-pushing has it’s detractions. Even though the work is of a very technically professional quality, it totally lacks distribution and is woefully unavailable to all but those in the know. “It’s just too fucking dirty and gross. The distributers don’t want to touch it”, lamented Bougie. “You have to be lucky enough to live near a comic store that orders it directly, or buy it from me in person from my website. It’s about as underground as you can get.”

Robin Bougie

Hugo Nadalin

David Paleo (In Argentina)


SCAR (In Australia)

Josh Simmons

A preview of SEX PDX events:

Fri Sept 26:
Opening Night Party @Bagdad Theater, w/live comedy and screening of HOLLYWOOD HOT TUBS

Sat Sept 27:
Music fest hosted by Something Weird Video @Clinton Theater

Sun Sept 28:
Music fest continues @Clinton, also Open House with performances @Ecdysiast Pole Dance Studio

Mon Sept 29:
Jam bands interpreting 16mm erotica from 1920s, 30s @Clinton

Tues Sept 30:
Bike-in party/screening of TEASERAMA Starring Bettie Page and Tempest Storm@VOODOO DOUGHNUTS TOO

Wed Oct 1:
Signature party @THE CROWN ROOM featuring spookshow burlesque and djs, and Rolling Stones cover band THE MISS YOUS

Thurs Oct 2:
Closing Night Party @FLOATING WORLD COMICS with Sleazy Slice artshow and debut of the Deep Cult Theater.

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Portland, OR 97209
Store hours: Everyday 11-7pm