Dec. 6 – The Whistling Factory release party and art show with Jesse McManus

This December First Thursday join Jesse McManus for a release party and art exhibit for his debut graphic novel, The Whistling Factory.

Imagine comics created from the hybrid DNA of Chuck Jones and Charles Burns… with a dash of Jim Woodring and you’d end up with something resembling Jesse McManus. His fluid, hyper-kinetic, and lush brush strokes delineate a surreal world of feral children, rubbery animals, and constantly-mutating monsters. The Whistling Factory comes straight from McManus’s id. It is both funny and disturbing, meditative yet frantic, and disjointed while simultaneously displaying a complex and intuitive tapestry of childhood experiences and belief systems. The Whistling Factory is an audacious debut from the sui generis frenetic imagination of Jesse McManus.

WHO: Jesse McManus
WHAT: The Whistling Factory release party and art exhibit
WHEN: Thursday Dec. 6, 6-8pm
WHERE: Floating World Comics, 400 NW Couch St

Jesse McManus has been drawing comics for a long time. He was the youngest contributor to the now legendary oversize Kramer’s Ergot #7. His comics were featured in many different publications including Vice Magazine. Jesse lives and works in Portland, OR.

Praise for Jesse McManus:

“McManus cartooning is a punch of art, that comes across like a friendly jab. You feel the bruise later.” — Austin English, Gulag Casual

“Jesse McManus is doing some fantastic work that is exciting, dynamic and full of so much energy.” — Inkstuds

“[Violence Valley] is drawn in a lush brushy style that is part John K bravura and part Charles Burns-like perfection in actual execution of lush brush technique. It’s one of those wordless Jim Woodring-type freakout acid trip sequences where the little tyke winds up inside the bowels of the dog somehow and finds inner peace or something – or so you think, and then it’s all blood and guts and more amazingly articulated brush lines that delineate said guts that look more like psychedelic patterns than guts.” — Frank Santoro, Pompeii

“[ Jesse McManus draws ] in a beautifully cartoony way with great lines and fun sense and sensibilities.” — Vice Magazine