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box brown

Feb. 13 – Is This Guy For Real? The Unbelievable Andy Kaufman book release party with Box Brown

Comedian and performer Andy Kaufman’s resume was impressive—a popular role on the beloved sitcom Taxi, a high-profile stand-up career, and a surprisingly successful stint in professional wrestling. Although he was by all accounts a sensitive and thoughtful person, he’s ironically best remembered for his various contemptible personas, which were so committed and so convincing that […]

orange thief

Feb. 1 – Orange Thief release party and art exhibit with Sophie Franz

This February we are excited to host a book release party and art exhibit with one of our favorite local artists, Sophie Franz. Orange Thief is a compilation of images pulled from Sophie’s voluminous collection of sketchbooks. Doodles! Hedge mazes! Half-assed ripoffs of famous paintings! Kermit! Cowboys! More cowboys! Horse-faced men! Man-faced horses! All of […]