The Secret Voice Vol. 1 by Zack Soto

(W/A/CA) Zack Soto
160 pages
Full color hardcover



The first chapter in a grand fantasy epic filled with psychic warrior monks, magic battles, monsters, and romance from the mind of Zack Soto!

Doctor Galapagos, famed warrior-monk and agent of the ineffable Red College, is on a desperate mission to unite the realms of magic and man in a last-ditch effort to stop the seemingly invincible forces of the Smog Emperor. But the good Doctor carries a secret: He is one of the few to have faced the dreaded Grey Creep and survived–but at a terrible cost. An unseen and unknown psychic menace eats away at his very soul and threatens to jeopardize his mission… and the world itself.

Can the Red College turn the tide? Can Doctor Galapagos stay true to himself, hold on to his love, and defeat the Smog Emperor all at once?

“The scope here is not unlike Lord of the Rings: Vast battles, cities under siege, huge armies of monsters, and a desperate defense. His fusion of genre tropes and alt-comics storytelling has been the model for this kind of comic for quite some time.”―The Comics Journal

“Zack Soto has wrought this series with every drop of elbow grease found in a cartoonist’s death grip. It’s a relentless enterprise, The Secret Voice, one that will fill your head brain with one man’s passion.”―Michel Fiffe, COPRAZEGAS

“Zack Soto’s The Secret Voice Vol. 1 is a book that melds the flourish and electricity of avant-garde comics with the imagination and complex world-building of genre fantasy.”―Broken Frontier

Zack Soto lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife Krista and their son Caspian. He’s the publisher of Study Group Comic Books, co-editor of Study Group Magazine, co-host of the Process Party Podcast, and creator of The Secret Voice and Power Button comics.

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