UNSMOOTH #2: BUM by E.S. Glenn

(W/A) E.S. Glenn
8" x 11"
88 pages

September 2021



E.S. Glenn explores his existential angst in this extraordinary prequel to his debut graphic novel, Unsmooth.

A form busting allegorical fever dream, Unsmooth 2: BUM is a poetic journey through the human condition, featuring a cast of characters who range from poets to prisoners—from assassins, to artists…

The oversized 88 page issue flows seamlessly between reality and metaphor in 8 visually stunning chapters. This standout work proclaims Glenn’s status as a rising star in comics.


Praise for Unsmooth 1:

“A playful, fourth-wall-breaking investigation of the medium, in the spirit of Ernie Bushmiller’s Nancy.” – Anya Davidson, The Comics Journal

“Panels crash into each other, and sound effects have an autonomy that sees them taking on a life of their own across the page. That fluidity of motion is underlined by Glenn’s clean lines. dramatic pacing and unpredictable page structures.” – Broken Frontier

E.S. Glenn is a graphic novelist and cartoonist at The New Yorker. He currently lives in Berlin, Germany.

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