All Time Comics returns with the 5-part epic event, Zerosis Deathscape

All Time Comics returns for a second season with new publisher, Floating World Comics! 

New series co-writer, Josh Simmons (Black RiverFlayed Corpse), scripts Zerosis Deathscape, an epic 5-part event co-written with ATC mastermind, Josh Bayer. Each monthly issue is drawn by Bronze Age maverick, Trevor Von Eeden (ThrillerBlack Lightning).

Von Eeden’s unique and powerful style has developed a cult following among genre and underground cartoonists, who celebrate his run on Thriller and his early DC career drawing Batman, Green Arrow, and Black Lightning. He is joined on art duties by indie cartoonists Gabrielle BellJulia GfrörerBenjamin Marra and Tom Toye, and colorist Daniel Lee.

The architects of Zerosis Deathscape had this to say about the new series:

Josh Bayer: It’s about space and time meeting anti-time and alternate-space. It’s a chance to combine Bronze Age adventure genre comics with traces of every type of comics we love, from E.C. Segar to indie DIY comics.

Josh Simmons: A massive 90s, Infinity Gauntlet-esque, superhero crossover event. We’re smashing together all the characters established in Season 1, adding a bunch of characters, and pushing them into new realms of inter-dimensional ferocity, and excitement!

Zerosis Deathscape begins monthly in June and is preceded by a special prologue issue, All Time Comics #0 in April. Written and illustrated by Josh Bayer and Josh Simmons, with inks by Ken Landgraf, this zero issue is the perfect intro to the new wave of ATC. Features the first appearance of The Red Maniac, and we meet Time Vampire Scientist, who foretells the devastating power of Zerosis!

All Time Comics Zerosis Deathscape #0 (FEB191770) hits comic book stores on Wednesday, April 30. The final order cutoff deadline for retailers is Friday, March 8. (W) Josh Bayer, Josh Simmons (A) Josh Simmons, Ken Landgraf (CA) Das Pastorus
28 pages $3.99

See where it all began! All six issues of All Time Comics Season 1 are finally collected in a massive 240 page trade paperback, coming this June from Floating World Comics.

Atlas – his only weakness is fear!
Blind Justice – the man who walks through bullets!
Bullwhip – here to put a stop to the bullsh*t!
Crime Destroyer – will fight for justice or die trying!

These four heroes face an over-the-top lineup of villains including The Misogynist, Raingod, White Warlock, Krimson Kross, P.S.Y.C.H.O., and the Time Vampire.

ALL TIME COMICS features the work of current indie comics creators like Josh BayerBenjamin Marra (TERROR ASSAULTER: O.M.W.O.T.) and Noah Van Sciver (FANTE BUKOWSKI), alongside the work of established artists like Al Milgrom (co-creator of Firestorm) and the last art by legendary artist Herb Trimpe, co-creator of Wolverine.

All Time Comics embraces old-school, four-color nostalgia—you can almost smell the pulp looking over the textures and chiseled physiques.”
–Paste Magazine

All Time Comics Season 1 (ISBN 978-1942801702, Diamond Code FEB191769) hits comic book stores on Wednesday, June 5. The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Friday, March 8.

Floating World Comics are distributed to comic shops through Diamond Comics and to the book trade from Consortium. All titles are available for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, Indiebound, and Powells Books.