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PREVIEW: Algernon Blackwood’s The Willows comic adaptation by Nathan Carson and Sam Ford coming this October

“A sumptuous and remarkable adaptation of the classic story by Algernon Blackwood. This comics version manages to infuse the story not just with the dread and cosmic horror of the original, but also displays a deep appreciation for the natural world. Unexpectedly beautiful.” – Jeff Vandermeer, best-selling author of Borne and The Southern Reach Trilogy […]


2015 Sales Report

In 2015, with over 10,000 item codes in the year end spreadsheet, 10% of our total sales was represented by just 37 different books. Basically the 25 books listed below. The reason you only see 25 books instead of 37 is I skipped different volumes in the same series. For example Saga Vol. 1, 2, […]

Floating World joins Alternative Comics distribution co-op

Alternative Comics Expands Comic Book Direct Market Offerings Indy Magazine Re-Launched Floating World Comics, Hic and Hoc Publications, Revival House Press, Study Group Comics, Hang Dai Editions & Manx Media Join Alternative Comics Publishing Co-Op February 18, 2015, Cupertino, California Alternative Comics is proud to announce that we are now the home to books from […]

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In 2014 I saw a continuation of the sales trends I’ve been tracking for the past couple years. Looking at net sales, the books that customers spent the most money on, we don’t see a single Marvel or DC book in the Top 25.  In the #25 spot we have the bestselling Superhero comic of […]