Buzzelli Collected Works Vol. 1: The Labyrinth by Guido Buzzelli

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Hailed in Europe, Guido Buzzelli has been called “the Michaelangelo of monsters,” “the Goya of comics,” and “the patron saint of all Italian cartoonists.”

A pioneer active from the 1950s-1980s, today virtually unknown in English, Buzzelli horrifies, fascinates, and provokes with his unique blend of surrealism and dynamism. Displaying a range of influences from Westerns and science fiction to Rennaisance art and futurism, Buzzelli’s stories are a delightful, quasi-postmodern mishmash of high and low, showing an intricate hand and stylish narrative skill.

The first of three volumes collecting Guido Buzzelli’s stories in English for the first time, includes The Labyrinth and Zil Zelub, two of the earliest Italian avant-garde graphic novels ever published. These fantastic and grotesque stories are the perfect introduction to Buzzelli’s work.

Translated by Jamie Richards. Introduction by Domingos Isabelinho.

“The first self-conscious author in comics.” – Domingos Isabelinho

“A cornerstone of Italian auteur comics.” – Fabio Donalisio

“Buzzelli is a grand master of comics, whose art is equally effective and powerful both in his realistic representations and in his grotesque caricatures.” – Alias cultural supplement of Il manifesto

“Buzzelli’s work manages to vividly convey the visionary energy and the unmistakable style of those roaring and extraordinary years in which it was made.” – Emanuele Trevi

“Pungent, defiant, derisive; Buzzelli’s art is loaded with a grotesque strength and shows a decadent and vulgar world.” – La Repubblica

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