(W) Jason T. Miles, Josh Simmons (A) Shaky Kane

48 pages
Full color
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Holy cows! It’s a holy war! Crime Destroyer and the puritanical punk gang, The Pill-Grims battle for the soul of Optic City. The main event: Extremism in Defense of Liberty vs. The Pursuit of Justice by Any Means Necessary. This is All Time Comics.

Towering above lawbreakers, citizens and all other superheroes, CRIME DESTROYER rights every wrong perpetrated against humanity — past, present and future — dispensing justice with four fists held high and ten fingers on the trigger. With a body composed of wrath, gristle and unfiltered power, and a cunning mind that cuts through the sewage of a world gone wrong, Crime Destroyer is mankind at our most supreme potential… but not above dirtying his hands with the blood of the guilty.

Crime Destroyer: True Til Death is a full color, brutally entertaining detonation of righteous violence in a fractured mirror of today’s fallen society. Written by Jason T. Miles and Josh Simmons, with art by Shaky Kane, it’s the latest n’ greatest chapter in the ongoing saga of the all-time vigilante megaman.

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