THE NEW YORK CITY OUTLAWS by Bob Huszar and Ken Landgraf

248 pages, 7" x 10"
ISBN 978-1942801320
Ships June 2024



Backflipping out of a helicopter, Floating World Comics, Power Comics, and Monster Fan Club bluntly present Ken Landgraf’s 80s masterpiece of blood soaked urban mayhem! Check your underwear before you attempt to pick up this cast-iron omnibus collecting all 5 issues, 3 broken fists full of cracked bonus material, and a new, exciting way to live your life! Can you feel the rats gnawing on your ankles?

A staggering whirlwind of vigilante chaos, the savagely inspiring New York City Outlaws heralded the ‘80s self-publishing boom. In just five issues ― here with unseen material ― writer Bob Huszar and iconic cartoonist Ken Landgraf (Apocalypse 5000) shredded the rules and drowned them in blood.

When night becomes darkest there will arise those who fight for the dawn… FREEZE SUCKERS! And get ready to throw down with THE NEW YORK CITY OUTLAWS:

TITAN – Johnny Apollo; two-fists-of-fury from the land of mermaids! WHAMO – Chung Kii; ecstatic dance-fighter with a mutual respect for life and anger!

POLYMIXIN – Daniella Marques; like a moth to her flame all men are incinerated by her rage!

ZEBRA – Hector Rodriguez; street punk with brains and an incurable romantic to boot! ISAAC – Bernie Schwantzman; electronic wizard with a devilish passion for gardening!

THUNDERCLAP JONES; sustained by anger he’s the forever warrior brawling his way through the slime and stink of this foul city!

and PATCH – Peter Dinero; his kid brother was killed by the mob! Never before has the pen and ink page captured the violence and terror of the deadly city!

THE NEW YORK CITY OUTLAWS fight war mongers and street-crime vigilantes in a never-ending battle against crime!

Printed in B&W & RED with Full Color tipped-in covers
50+ pages of backup material
Introduction by Jim Rugg!
Ken Landgraf interview with Jason Eisener (Hobo With A Shotgun, Kids Vs. Aliens)!

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