SATANA’S MERITS by Domenico Vaiti and Marco Corona

First printing published by Hollow Press, September 2018
Limited edition of 150 English copies
120 pages printed in A4 format on 170g paper



Artwork: Marco Corona
Text: Domenico Vaiti
Editor: Michele Nitri
Graphic design: Marco “Keno” del Negro
English translation: Valerio Stivè

This incredible book contents 13 chapters, and each one is drawn through a different style by the master Marco Corona to represent and pay homage to the madness by Vaiti.

From Marco Corona’s foreword:

In a passage from his book, Domenico Vaiti hopes for the extermination of the human race. Maybe he might have saved only himself and a sufficiently chubby woman. Then follows a detailed description of those female types that can give him a hard on, and a brutal portrait of the opposite type: the thin woman with a flat ass.

He takes it out on the prostitute who humiliated him when he was young. He calls her witch. She deprived him of his manhood. She is the cause of his pain.
He writes about inner voices and astral entities he sees, that haunt him during both night and day. Sometimes they are positive, and more often evil or demoniac.

Those voices make fun of him. They know all his secrets, his weaknesses, and humiliate him. They overwhelm him like a giant guilt.
He sees things, sometimes scary things, but he describes them with abundance of details, as if those things were real. Some other times, he sees guiding spirits, leading him on the right path of redemption.

He is a man, but he feels like a woman, sometimes both at the same time: a psychological hermaphrodite.
He takes part in the Fascist movement, looking for a payback, but after the assassination of the politician Giacomo Matteotti at the hands of Fascists, he joins the Communists.
While he was in the military, he kicks a human skull. Just a joke to laugh about with friends, that became something that would haunt him for the rest of his life.
He claims he invented musical instruments, machines that automatically generate sounds. But the Second World War forced him to suspend his experiments, and after the war he finds out that others had created the same instruments, but with smaller results.
He studies psychoanalysis to cure himself from a rampant madness. For many years, he reads a lot, and writes about all sorts of things.
He makes a deal with the Devil, he praises the Devil’s virtues and his benefic role in the universal order of things (this is where the title – Satan’s Merit’s – comes from), and in return he is forgotten. This book is meant to be as a homage to the Unknown Writer that was Domenico Vaiti.

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