Vengeance Is For The Living #2 by Keenan Marshall Keller and Alex Delaney

W) Keenan Marshall Keller  (A) Alex Delaney  (CA) KMK
52 pages, full color
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After several masked men attempt (and fail) to execute Sheila, it’s now her chance to turn the tables. A pair of Homicide Detectives review the bloody crime scene, hoping to find the Buckler Sisters before anyone else gets hurt… but is it already too late?

Will the Buckler Sisters rush guns blazing into a strip-mall steakhouse and start an all out war with a criminal empire?!

How Far will Shelia go for her VENGEANCE?!

And what new hell awaits her when she gets there?!!

From the creative team of Keenan Marshall Keller (writer/co-creator of The HUMANS from IMAGE Comics) and Alex Delaney (creator of The Derelict and The Other Side of Town) comes VENGEANCE Is For The LIVING; A 4 issue mini-series overflowing with gritty exploitation action about the power of anger/loss and the clearness of vision that VENGEANCE can provide.

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