DARK GARBAGE by Jon-Michael Frank

208 pages
6” x 9”, b&w with partial color paperback
ISBN: 978-1942801887



What’s beautiful, what’s trash, and is there an elixir to fix this human condition called suffering?

A woman body builder, Esther, and a caged butterfly, Mona, do whippets and look for an elusive elixir in a Gen-Y Fantasia. Comfortable in their despair, they set out on a journey for beauty and truth. They encounter an assemblage of characters that are a concoction of poetic melancholia and destructive tenderness.

Poet and printmaker, Jon-Michael Frank, makes the bold transition to long form illustrated storytelling in this bizarrely humorous and unexpectedly charming graphic novel.

“Dark Garbage is a five star RPG style love letter to emptiness and longing.”
―Tara Booth, Nocturne

―Simon Hanselmann, Megahex

“Dark Garbage spins an intricate web of joy, nostalgia, mysticism and heroism. Esther and Mona are a beautiful pair who slink through adventures with nonchalance and sophistication. Their creator, Jon-Michael Frank is an exciting talent who is able to cultivate the most breathtaking scenes with seemingly effortless and natural application. All in all a heartwarming read.”
―Brie Moreno, Mumu And The Silky Road

“Dark Garbage is toned with childhood imagination, infused with adult themes that get right down to the heart and gut. The gorgeous composition of space and line work on the page is a wondrous artistic feat. The imagination and vision behind these works is incredible.”
―Bianca Stone, The Möbius Strip Club Of Grief

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