GATES OF PLASMA by Carlos Gonzalez

320 pages
6” x 9”, b&w paperback
ISBN: 978-1942801719



“If you’ve got a grievance with reality, I reckon you’re in the right place.”

A semi-truck driver meets a mysterious woman while participating in a research study for a pharmaceutical corporation. Romance blooms, but they are separated when it is discovered that this woman emits an unknown substance from her ear that is of great interest to the CEO of the drug company. A cult-like inner circle consume untested drugs and dabble in a primitive form of plastic surgery, while obsessing over an unperformed theatrical script that holds the key to their prophecies.

This 320 page opus weaves a labyrinth of narratives and characters into an astonishing dreamscape that examines human flaws and our quest for connection, oblivion or transcendence.

Carlos Gonzalez is a deeply inspirational figure in the underground comics and music scene. He has created a vast body of DIY work including the 500 page sci-fi opus, Slime Freak, experimental films shot on VHS, and a number of cassettes recorded with his musical project, Russian Tsarlag. His comics have been published in anthologies like Kramers Ergot 6 and his artwork has been exhibited in galleries with members of Fort Thunder.

“Carlos Gonzalez creates indelible, larger-than life characters that reflect the reader back at themselves, funhouse style. This is a look at our beautiful, abject world, with all of its delights and degradations, filtered through the mind of one of the funniest, most inventive cartoonists alive.”
–Anya Davidson

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