POSTAPOLAND by Bartosz Zaskòrski

Published by Hollow Press
Limited edition - 1000 copies
B&W offset printing on Palatina Ivory Paper
8" x 12"
48 pages
Stapled binding



A pyramid on the top of a mountain. A tomb on the top of the pyramid. A coffin inside the tomb.
A sun lies in the coffin. This sun is a really angry one.
One day, due to mysterious circumstances, it rises from the coffin. It rises high into the sky and rapidly goes mouldy. The world changes. The times of Postapoland come. Humans turn into beasts. The gods no longer listen.
We then learn the fate of two beasts. They fight each other, fight each other to the death. However, at some point they come to understand the futility of fighting in this strange, senseless world. They become closer to each other and set out to find the head of one of them – cut off during the fight.

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