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Surreal and sadly relatable one-panel comic suggestions about how to live life.

Instead of ending it all, you could paint a face on an egg and crush it, search for something that you’ll never find with a metal detector or edit the moon’s wikipedia page. 100 snapshots to help one live life, using dark humor and a focus on the inane as a vehicle for self-help. Featuring alternatives to struggling with poor mental health by way of untamed animals, positive affirmations and one-star yelp reviews.

“There is so much unnecessary stigma and shame surrounding issues of mental health. This book began as a way for us to work through our own experiences with depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation. We found catharsis in this project, and hope that it will make space for those who may be suffering to engage in a more neutral and open dialogue about the state of their own mental health.”
– From the introduction by Tara Booth & Jon-Michael Frank

Jon-Michael Frank is the author of Is This The Right Color To Prove I Don’t Have A Shitty Life and Dark Garbage.

Tara Booth is an illustrator and Ignatz-award winning comics artist from Philadelphia. She is the author of NocturneDiary Comics and How to be Alive.

“For her fans, Tara Booth’s paintings are beyond relatable. She has nothing to hide and comforts her audience by exposing and painting universal neuroses.” -Juxtapoz

“Jon-Michael Frank is an exciting talent who is able to cultivate the most breathtaking scenes with seemingly effortless and natural application.” ―Brie Moreno, Mumu And The Silky Road

“As an artist, Booth works to push the boundaries between comic arts and fine art, and she lives up to no standards of appropriateness other than her own. Her social commentary is sharp and her visual storytelling unassuming.” -Hyperallergic

“Comic book artist and illustrator Tara Booth’s work is candid, funny and chock full of personal details.” -It’s Nice That

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