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2015 Sales Report

In 2015, with over 10,000 item codes in the year end spreadsheet, 10% of our total sales was represented by just 37 different books. Basically the 25 books listed below. The reason you only see 25 books instead of 37 is I skipped different volumes in the same series. For example Saga Vol. 1, 2, […]

Floating World joins Alternative Comics distribution co-op

Alternative Comics Expands Comic Book Direct Market Offerings Indy Magazine Re-Launched Floating World Comics, Hic and Hoc Publications, Revival House Press, Study Group Comics, Hang Dai Editions & Manx Media Join Alternative Comics Publishing Co-Op February 18, 2015, Cupertino, California Alternative Comics is proud to announce that we are now the home to books from […]

wrenchies iwah


In 2014 I saw a continuation of the sales trends I’ve been tracking for the past couple years. Looking at net sales, the books that customers spent the most money on, we don’t see a single Marvel or DC book in the Top 25.  In the #25 spot we have the bestselling Superhero comic of […]